Google Drive: What Cloud Are You On?

After many years of rumours, Google has finally launched the long awaited ‘Google Drive’. However many have asked if Google is late to the game, with so many competitors: DropBox, Microsofts’ Sky Drive, Amazon’s Cloud Drive. Google is offering 5GB for free, which compares favourably with its competitors with upgrades available to 25 and 100GB at $2.99/month and $4.99/month respectively. The main differentiator for Google is its integration with their existing services, especially Android devices. Whatever the success of Google drive, the increasing use of cloud storage technologies is making the ‘Personal’ Computer a less important concept with more and more of our data and applications being cross-platform and based in the cloud – with Gartner predicting the PC being replaced by the ‘personal cloud’ by 2014.

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Written by Kerry. Posted in Latest IT News

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